"SAMURAI cryptos" is a co-creation project that challenges the creation of new anime IP for the NFT era. The project consists of three elements: "Art NFT", "Symbol NFT", and "Discord community".

Seven famous animation artists

will create new artworks for this project.



The theme of the artworks is "Samurai Legends".
Each artist will be free to expand the image of Samurai Legends
and create artworks based on the following three keywords.

Cypher- "cryptography", meaning "zero" in Hindu

Decentral- meaning "decentralized" or "de-centralized

Solidarity- meaning "unity" or "cohesion

The Samurai Legends art will be auctioned as a one-of-a-kind "Art NFT" for its digital image data.

These artworks are the starting point of the SAMURAI cryptos project,

which will expand and foster the world of SAMURAI cryptos through the Discord community and lead to the creation of new anime IP.



The Symbol NFT is a sign that you are a Samurai, a member of the SAMURAI cryptos project.

A series of Symbol NFT will be sold/distributed, corresponding to the seven “Samurai Legends Art” drawn by the seven artists. In the spring of 2022, the symbol NFT will resume sales in a new format in conjunction with the renewal of the project.

■ Artists Total 7 artists (Makoto Kobayashi / Michinori Chiba / Hiroya Iijima / Range Murata / Junichi Takaoka / Ugetsu Shiraa / Ai Yokoyama)

■ Rarity 1 type. All will be common rarity “Mononofu”

■ Price 0.08 ETH

■ Number of issues 260 per artist (250 for sale + 10 for non-sale/marketing)

■ Samu-rights 36 (common)

■ Design The design will be renewed with a motif of kensei art

*Samu-rights - This is an “index of Samurai rights” set on the Symbol NFT. - The number of settings varies according to rarity. - We are considering various ways to use them, such as voting on project policies.

*The symbol NFT in its previous form is still valid and will be treated within the project. We will take firm action to ensure that their value is protected as prior collaborators in the project.



The Discord community is a place for Samurai to interact with each other.We hope that the world of SAMURAI cryptos will be expanded and fostered here, and grow into a new IP.